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May 13th, 2022

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How do we cut absolute emissions in the U.S.?

We irrevocably remove carbon pollution rights from use by polluters and issue, register and retire ACERs or AIR TO EARTH Certified Emission Receipts backed by these rights. We cut emissions in a measurable and high integrity way when we remove pollution rights from use by fossil power plants. We link carbon removal innovation to these cuts. We provide our expertise and services to the public through our website, and to corporations, institutions and government agencies directly.

What is the difference between ACERs and traditional carbon offsets?

Offsetting is a flawed concept and has had a complicated legacy. The 2020’s will be known as the deep emissions cut decade, if we are to have any shot at keeping warming within 1.5C above pre-industrial times. Carbon emissions need to be cut in half by the end of this decade. Think about that. How? Well, Science Based Targets Initiative sets forth protocols for corporations. We are simply extending those protocols to individuals. Cut your own emissions. Fund high-integrity emissions cuts beyond your home. Remove the rest. That is the playbook. It is imperative that any action you take to cut emissions beyond your home is measurable and actually benefits the planet. ACERs represent emission cuts here in the U.S. and are backed by carbon pollution rights that have been irrevocably removed from use. We cut emissions in a measurable and high integrity way. We link carbon removal innovation to these cuts, because carbon removal by natural and other means are presently in very short supply.

Are traditional carbon offsets good?

Under the right circumstances, yes. Unfortunately, there are many examples of carbon offsets that were not created under the right circumstances, with increasing negative publicity surrounding their use in the voluntary carbon markets.(1,2) The fact that questionable offsets have been endorsed by companies that verified their validity has not helped. Detractors question the validity and quality of some carbon offset products, and whether or not they remove carbon in a permanent, additional, verifiable, enforceable and real manner. In ProPublica’s 2019 investigation, it was found that loggers in Brazil cut down trees once the offsets had been sold to U.S. and European corporations.(3) To date, offsetting by the voluntary carbon markets has been almost exclusively supplied by verified carbon credits issued by international projects. A fundamental concern of a project-based carbon credit is that the quantity of emissions reduction and/or carbon removal is unprovable – the reduction or removal is relative to an unobservable baseline.

(1) https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2020-nature-conservancy-carbon-offsets-trees/

(2) https://qz.com/2009746/not-all-carbon-offsets-are-a-scam-but-many-still-are/

(3) https://features.propublica.org/brazil-carbon-offsets/inconvenient-truth-carbon-credits-dont-work-deforestation-redd-acre-cambodia/

What will change when I purchase ACERs?

Regulated U.S. power plants have a license to emit carbon. In certain jurisdictions, they must pay for this right at auction. This cost to aquire pollution rights impacts the marginal cost of electricity generation and makes inefficient fossil generation less competive. Forcing power plants to acquire pollution rights at market prices changes the "economic dispatch" order. When we remove pollution rights that would otherwise be consumed by the U.S. power sector, we create additional scarcity in these markets which increases the marginal cost of inefficient fossil generation in the wholesale power market. By channeling voluntary demand and removing these pollution rights, we compel power generators to reduce emissions beyond stated goals or pay up to pollute, accelerating the U.S. power sector’s transition to clean energy. In addition, proceeds from the sale of these rights are plowed back into the local economy by state governments. They are used to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas abatement and other consumer benefit programs. Channeling voluntary demand into these auctions increases the proceeds available for reinvestment.

How are ACERs better?

ACERs can be accurately measured and verified - we issue, register and retire them for people who want to take climate action but are unsure of the process. There is no unobservable baseline that enters into the equation. We do not transact in carbon credits issued by international projects.

  • We deliver systemic change in the U.S.
  • We leverage successful U.S. regulatory frameworks that are proven and demonstrated to reduce emissions.
  • We remove carbon pollution rights that would otherwise be consumed by the U.S. power sector, reducing emissions beyond stated goals.
  • We register your voluntary climate action in our ACER Registry and properly credit you for cutting carbon emissions beyond your home.
For each ACER issued, we provide funding to innovate Direct Air Capture technology and advocate for natural carbon removal under The AIR TO EARTH Standard.

What are ACERs?

ACERs are an abbreviation for AIR TO EARTH Certified Emission Receipt. Each ACER represents 1 metric ton of absolute U.S. emissions reduction.

What is the AIR TO EARTH Standard?

The AIR TO EARTH Standard test can be applied to any voluntary greenhouse gas emissions reduction or removal product that is available in the marketplace and available for use by any individual, corporation, institution or governmental agency as a means to reduce or remove carbon emissions. The AIR TO EARTH Standard involves customary principals and requirements related to transparency, environmental integrity of emission reductions, including satisfaction of all “permanent, additional, verifiable, enforceable and real” tests, validity and verification of emissions reductions and tracking system disclosure to avoid double sales and double issuance. In addition, the AIR TO EARTH Standard employs the following principal - only measurable and high integrity carbon credits that actually benefit the planet should ever be used when taking climate action. All ACERs are issued under the AIR TO EARTH Standard.

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