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Dallas Austin Bio

Dallas Austin is a legendary SongWriters Hall of Fame recipient, Grammy award-winning Super Producer and Founder of Rowdy Records and Rowdy Wellness. In addition to Austin being responsible for the passing of the Georgia Film bill, he also created the Dallas Austin Foundation, which has put recording studios in more than ten Atlanta Public Schools. He launched his residency program at Georgia State University’s Center for Creative Industries in downtown Atlanta. He also supports community programming for youth within the Boys and Girls Club and the Urban League of Atlanta. 

His passion in cannabis stems from seeing so many talented musicians and artists lost to the opioid epidemic. By starting Rowdy Wellness, he is an active member of cannabis advocacy and policy in the South. His company is focused on the education of cannabis, medical cannabis dosing and coaching, and providing quality products for alternative medicine to addictive pharmaceuticals. 

His presence on the Georgia Entertainment Caucus has helped to create the first Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame. This group is heavily involved in advocacy, policy change, and awareness within the community of Atlanta. 

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