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  • Bridgett Graham

Robert Kerr Ph.D.

Director of Development/Sorbent Technologies

Graduate of Austin College in Sherman, Texas (B.A), the University of Texas at Austin (M.A.), and L’University Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg (D.E.A., Ph.D.). Fields of Study: Natural Products Chemistry, Analytical and Organic Chemistry, Liquid and Gas Chromatography, Molecular Pharmacology, Plant/Insect Relations, Co-Evolution, Stable Isotope Labelling, Phamacokinetics, ADME determinations. Numerous scientific publications. Multiple patents and pending applications in Capillary Electrophoresis, Centrifugal Liquid Chromatography, Cannabis Decontamination, Liquid Chromatography, and other fields. Currently Director of Development at Sorbent Technologies.

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