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  • Bridgett Graham

Kiah Tolliver

Founder of C-Trax Software Solutions

Kiah Tolliver is the technical mastermind and visionary behind C-Trax Software Solutions. C-Trax is the provider of Point of Sale, Customer Relationship Management, Merchant Services and Business Intelligence to CBD/Hemp retailers in North Carolina. She boasts nearly a decade of information technology experience with the majority of that experience being software development. As an Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) deployed US Navy veteran, Kiah’s passion for cannabis grew from her personal experience coping with PTSD following her deployment. Kiah and her husband Sean launched C-Trax in 2018 and they are now working with some of the largest Hemp retailers in the state of North Carolina. Kiah is also an active advocate for legalized Cannabis. She serves alongside Sean as co-chapter president with Minorities for Medical Marijuana North Carolina.

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