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Matthew Sica

ANAB / Accreditation Manager

Matthew Sica is the ANAB Accreditation Manager with responsibility for testing laboratories, reference material producers, proficiency test providers and medical laboratories.

Matt has 30 years of experience in the laboratory environment and has gained expertise in management and quality systems, laboratory accreditation, monitoring and testing issues, proficiency testing, reference material and regulatory issues. He has served in both technical and managerial roles for chemical and microbiological disciplines.

He has managed laboratories and has experience working for environmental testing and petroleum laboratories in areas ranging from bench chemistry and microbiology to field sampling, site remediation work and waste disposal.

With regulatory experience, Matt understands navigating the wide array of statutes and regulations that affect various types of laboratories. This experience lends practical discuss related to statutory and regulatory compliance.

He earned his Bachelor of Science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He has provided a variety of management and technical training courses on technical standards and management systems throughout the world.

As a former consultant, he understands the balance between the detail of the standard and practical application of the standard requirements.

Current work includes managing, training, and assessing laboratories, reference material producers and proficiency test providers to applicable standards including ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 17034, and ISO/IEC 17043.

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