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Organa Kannalytics

Organa Kannalytics is an innovative cannabis research company providing resources, discussion and scientific data to support cannabis related health and wellness solutions. Through a coalition of cannabis related business owners, legislators and scientists, we provide a wealth of scientifically based knowledge for consumers, families and medical facilities alike to make informed decisions about integrating cannabis and cannabis-based products into comprehensive health and wellness plans.

Our annual convention is an opportunity to learn about the business, legislative, medical and scientific aspects of the cannabis industry through workshops and panels facilitated by keynote speakers and also discusses current trends within the industry as well as obstacles that exists for cannabis users and growers.

Our mission is to provide scientifically based facts and information in an effort for consumers to make informed decisions in regard to creating healthy lifestyles by utilizing cannabis and cannabis-based products. Through our research, social media platforms and annual convention, we want to raise cannabis awareness and demystify misinformation surrounding the use of this multidextrous healing herb.


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