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Dr. Yolanda Henderson

 Atlanta Georgia Academy of Cannabis Science


Dr. Yolanda Henderson, Dallas Texas native is the happy wife of Normal Henderson Jr. and the mother of 7 children. Dr. Henderson's experience with her life altering symptoms, medications, and longtime untreated diagnosis from Military Service, lead to her becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach; CHHC, Licensed Holistic medical Practitioner; LHMP and Naturopathic Doctor (specialist of herbs, vitamins, nutrients, foods, and alternative holistic therapies), and Evangelist (Certified Ecclesiastical Spiritual Attendant, CESA). She received her training and education from various colleges though out her years and post graduating High School. To name a few colleges, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), is where she learned over 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyles and coaching methods with healing techniques. In Dr. Henderson’s pursuit of natural healing, riding the body of disease-causing toxicity, and her daughter battling a seizure disorder at birth, she discovered the Cannabis plants role in the newly discovered endocannabinoid system. She now educates Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and many others in the topic of herbal Cannabis medicine at the “Atlanta Georgia Academy of Cannabis Science” a franchise of Pharmacology University. Her husband Mr. Henderson speaks on the entrepreneurship and financial aspects of the growing cannabis industry. Please visit her website

She is currently the founder of her 2006 vision, The Gift of life Community home, Inc; a 501C3 non-profit organization for community service for the underprivileged and partner with her primary health practice; The Holistic Society health and Wellness clinic. Website for more information on coaching is located at  

Dr. Henderson, also assists her husband on his business endeavors at NTH Credit repair, working on credit repair and financial education. She also helps where needed in his entertainment business, Big Shot Intertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson is the Host and Co-host of Manifest TV’s new show The Holistic Cannabis Show bringing to the community all things cannabis and related holistic health and wellness topics. The show can be viewed through Status Network Broadcasting Station found on Roku, all social media platforms and the Status Network App. Dr. Henderson has found many creative ways to connect all the business in Big events such as “Natural To Life” an annual Health and wellness expo sponsored by all of their business and joining with other community organizations to help underprivileged and financially challenged families and veterans. “Hearts for Healing” annual Valentine nursing home visits by youth and volunteers with healthy food and education. Visit the website to register or volunteer,

Dr. Henderson currently writes Holistic Guides to… (your specific disorder) Hypertension, ALS, and Lupus guides can be found on Amazon. Additionally, she wrote an informative book for teens and spirituality, called, Teen Pregnancy Before, During, and After! Holistic Choices to make before the outcome, if it happens, and after! She has spoken to teens and held book reviews at local churches. She reads, writes, and enjoys research on various pathologies (diseases) of the body, natural health, and remedies in her free time away from the family. Dr. Henderson is a motivational speaker, blogger,

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