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Melek Dexter

Melek Dexter, CEO and Founder of ReUP


Melek Dexter is… different. One conversation and it’s remarkably obvious that he is clear why he is here.


His dexterous understanding of the racial dynamics gives him a unique perspective that few hold. These observations moved him to found ReUP, a game­ changing crowd-sourced startup that leverages diversity as a competitive differentiator in the cannabis industry. He understands what drives the so ­called “above­ground” drug economy while at the same time noting the coinciding impact that institutional inequality has on marginalized groups.


Melek’s determination to not be the “thinking man’s drug dealer” nor hang his viewpoints on conventional education gives him a brilliant cultural textuality. This message disrupts America’s historical narrative of opportunity/tolerance/acceptance and highlights the effects of in scribing social designation on individuals.As a highly analytical social observer and a natural disruptor, Melek leaves a lasting mark on every room he steps into. Simply put he’s figured it out and is committed to developing strategic solutions to remedy America’s foundational conflict, inequality.

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