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Alan Vaughn

LIMS and Cannabis SME




Alan Vaughan is a laboratory informatics and cannabis industry subject matter expert (SME). In his 17 years in the industry he has produced hundreds of laboratory information management system (LIMS) video tutorials, training and marketing materials, user requirements specifications (URS), articles, white papers and other works. He was a co-founder of the Laboratory Informatics Institute in 2006, dedicated to advancement and advocacy of the laboratory, scientific, medical and informatics industries. In that role he produced the LIMSpec, a comprehensive, cross-industry compilation of LIMS/LIS specifications that works as a tool for laboratories in defining their system requirements. He has researched and produced many articles and two books on the cannabis industry specifically, especially as regards analytical testing and data management. He presented at the 2017 Cannabis Science Convention in Portland, OR. He was scheduled to present at the Organa Kannalytics Southeastern 2019 Hemp and Medical Cannabis Convention when business circumstances intervened, and he is looking forward to presenting at this year’s convention. His professional interests remain with the cannabis industry generally, both locally and across the US, as well as globally. He continues to use his research and talents in advocacy of normalized, productive and responsible expansion of the industry.

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