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Benjamin Whaley

Analytical Instrument Management



Benjamin has been a part of the cannabis/hemp industry since he graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2018. He started working as an analytical chemist focusing on sample preparation, operation, and data analysis on HPLC systems and GC systems, qualifying and quantifying different cannabinoids and residual solvents commonly found in the industry. From there, he quickly began to take on more instrumentation and sample types, broadening his field of knowledge to include GCMS (including developing a method) for terpene analysis, LCMS for pesticide analysis, as well as operating a microbial lab specializing in PCR analysis and bacterial plating. He has hands-on experience overseeing and maintaining every aspect of these instruments and their respective test types and recently has shifted his career focus towards instrument sales, specifically in the cannabis/hemp markets. He believes that both sectors are in very opportunistic developing stages and is eager to help out as many people as possible in setting up their facilities to capitalize on this emerging sector of the industry.

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