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Bill Scalia


LED Upgrade Solutions


LED UVC Lighting, Growth and Purification


1989 to 2015 Georgia Tech Research Institute; collaboration with Chuck Stancil Senior Researcher (retired). Formed WPS (Working Power Solutions co): Co-Inventor, Solenoid Motor Patent 2000 – US Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson; presentation “Heated Fuel Injection” for energy efficiency Patent Awarded 2001 – Began development of Scalia Physics 2004 – 2009 - Brookhaven National Lab; collaboration development of heated fuel system for residential oil burners. Received technology patent, attained ENERGY STAR rating. Successfully commercialized through Carlin Combustion. 2004 – 2012 - Oak Ridge National Lab; collaboration development of applications for proprietary carbon foam heat exchange material. Co-Inventor, patent on Machining Process for Foam. 2009 – 2016 - Wheego Electric Car Company; developed chassis and battery system to attain crash test approval by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 100 mile range at highway speed. 2011 to 2014 –Fulham Lighting Company; collaboration development thermal management, thermal management materials, and special application lighting. Certified Testing Lab for Fulham Lighting Company. 2009 to 2019 - Trane and Ingersoll Rand; technology development collaboration on thermal management for lighting, solar, day lighting, heat exchanger, and poultry industry. Currently focused on LED Upgrade Solutions

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