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David Schurer


Sorbent Technologies



David Schurer co-founded Sorbent Technologies and serves as the company’s vice president where he leverages a comprehensive background in laboratory and scientific supplies. David has established a strong reputation as a leader, a trusted advisor, and an essential resource to his customers and his sales team. David Schurer was raised in the world of laboratory & scientific supplies.  As a young man, he worked in his family’s company, Ace Scientific, one of the largest laboratory chemicals supply companies in the New Jersey/New York area. He learned the intricacies of a scientific distribution company from the back door to the front door to the customers’ door.He earned his BA in Business Administration from Emory University in 1979 and shortly thereafter He joined his fathers’ entrepreneurial venture as a partner in Puerto Rico, again in the scientific instrument and supplies industry.  In 1984 Mr. Schurer was responsible for overseeing the development and sales of a pioneering laboratory weighing system that integrated laboratory scales/balances with a personal computer.
With a lifetime of supporting customers in the laboratory, David brings a very unique skillset fostered through more than three decades of helping customers succeed. Through his “customer-first” commitment throughout his career, David has established a loyal following of customers who continually reach out for his consultation and advice in chromatography and purification applications.In September of 2000, David and Mr. Marc Perla decided to take their years of laboratory products knowledge together and started a venture of their own called Sorbent Technologies, Inc.  Sorbent Technologies has now established itself as a leading company for technical support, process purification consultation, and a preferred resource for premium chromatography products, instruments, and solutions for analytical testing to process manufacturing.

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