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Dr. Bao Thai


Rapid Nerve Rescue Cream



Dr. Bao Thai is the founder of the Rapid Nerve Rescue Cream. He has spent the last 10 years of his practice developing neuropathy treatment processes. He has successfully treated thousands of patients with neuropathy when all else has failed. In his clinics in Dallas and Houston, they utilize his published "Neuropathy Rescue Method." He is a best selling author, been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox television segments (over 400 times). He has spoken at Harvard as well as won multiple awards. His mission is to help more patients with neuropathy live a better quality of life - medication free. The Rapid Nerve Rescue Cream has been Dr. Thai’s passion for the last few years. He wanted to develop a cream just for neuropathy patients so everyone could have additional options for relief. Working with scientists, he has finally developed real alternative help for neuropathy without the side effects of prescription pain medications. Rapid Nerve Rescue is designed for and has been clinically tested on 100’s of Neuropathy Patients. Patients have been able to stop or reduce their medications and use the cream instead. Patients have gotten their independence back using the cream. Patients are now finally able to take control of their health

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