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Jeff Beale

Marketing Director

Cannabiz Labs



Jeff Beale Mr. Marketology Marketing Director Best-selling author and marketing strategist, Jeff Beale, helps businesses leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses “Authority Marketing” to generate higher converting leads. Jeff will tell your listeners how they can share their message by utilizing social rich media to attract massive social exposure. He’ll also show them how to leverage this exposure to get more traffic, leads, and sales for their business. Jeff’s unique marketing method has been talked about and covered on Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, Fox and dozens of other media outlets. Also, his marketing insights have helped companies such as Turner Broadcast, The Home Depot, Apartment Guide, AT&T and several other well known brands. Jeff provides a practical approach that is easy to understand from the high level executive to the practicing technician. He understands that the language in the board room is different than on the floor and can speak as a translator to both levels within organizations.

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