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Sheri L. Tarr

Founder, Chief Advisor

’68 Partners


Building a Sustainable Cannabis Brand and Licensed Business with Best Compliance Practices


Sheri Tarr is the Founder and Chief Advisor of '68 Partners LLC, a global strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping cannabis brands and license applicants build sustainable businesses that have a transformative impact on consumers, patients, and the global economy. A former big pharma sales and marketing executive responsible for launching FDA-regulated products worldwide and recovering lawyer, Sheri has over three decades of real world experience operating in highly regulated environments. After a decade working for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, Sheri flipped the script and became an attorney who spent a distinguished career in the courtroom holding these companies accountable for deceptive marketing, defective manufacturing and other regulatory violations.. More inspired by innovation than litigation, Sheri founded ’68 Partners which specializes in regulatory strategy and navigation, product compliance from lab to label™, cannabis license application preparation, and commercialization and compliance strategies that bring safe, plant-based products to market.

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