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Taylor Evers

Sr. Account Representative



Leading the Field in Hemp & Cannabis Sample Prep


Hemp and cannabis flower and edibles samples present downstream processing challenges for various laboratory tests. Bead milling offers a rapid and effective method to dissociate both plant and edible samples for laboratory testing. The Omni Bead Ruptor Elite is a powerful and scalable bead mill homogenizer that utilizes disposable and pre-filled bead tubes to rapidly dissociate samples for potency, pesticides, and microbial testing. Additionally, the Ruptor Elite reduces particle size distribution for efficient liquid handling on automated platforms such as the Janus line of workstations from PerkinElmer.

OMNI also offers a line of rotor-stator mixers and homogenizers that can be used for cannabinoid suspensions in tinctures, capsules, lotions, and vape cartridges. As cannabinoids are not water soluble, they must be dispersed in non-polar oils and fats. Hash oil, THC, and CBD suspensions are routinely prepared by emulsification in an oil emulsifier mixture that is dispersed using a rotor-stator homogenizer such as the Omni Mixer Homogenizer.

For over 65 years, OMNI International, a PerkinElmer Company has been the leader in laboratory homogenizers providing solutions for the industry’s most challenging laboratory samples!

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