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Yolanda Bennet

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of GMCS, Co-Founder| Managing Partner of the CSN

Georgia Medical Cannabis Society (Inc.) & CannaShame Network LLC




Yolanda “The Herbal Trucker” Bennett is the Co-founder and board Vice Chairman of the Georgia Medical Cannabis Society. She is a former POST certified corrections officer in the Georgia Department of Corrections and spent 13 years in the logistics industry. She was forced out of the logistics industry due to her medical condition and damage to her organs and skeletal system by prescribed pharmaceuticals. She was freed from them by cannabis, and this is when her advocacy began. Yolanda is a co-host on the CannaShame Podcast. The CannaShame Podcast focuses on removing and destroying the stigma associated with the use of cannabis. Although she has entered the battle of freeing this plant, from the grasp of those who shamed and criminalized this tree of life, she has joined the fight to normalize this healing plant. This podcast is powered by the CannaShame Network.

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