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Tavarres King Bio

Is a 7-year veteran of the National Football League playing for the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants, where he spent a majority of his career. Mr. King saw, first-hand, the results of injury and the over-prescribing of painkillers in the NFL. He witnessed the detrimental effects on his fellow players and the long-term impact on their physical and mental health. Motivated to solve/support these issues, Mr. King co-founded and serves as CEO of Rowdy Wellness, a CBD company headquartered in Atlanta focusing on research, education and developing quality products for overall health and wellness. He also serves as the CEO for Suite 420 Access, a private equity company based out of Denver Colorado, who provides funding and capital for minority owned cannabis businesses.  Mr. King’s drive to create safer alternatives to pain management is matched by his passion for social equity and justice in the cannabis industry. He has been a public speaker and advocate focused on the War on Drug’s impact on minority communities. Leveraging his network as well as his management and cannabis experience, he is helping to create opportunities for generational wealth in minority communities by leading the Suite 420 Access team during this unprecedented growth in the cannabis industry. Mr King earned his bachelor’s of science and design degree in social studies education and was an Academic All-American and named permanent football team captain for the University of Georgia.

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