Live &Virtual May 13th & 14th, 2022

2nd Annual Southeastern

Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

Bringing legitimacy to the Hemp & Medical Cannabis Industry through Science & Education.

General Information


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Organa Kannalytic’s  2nd Annual Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention! Volunteering at this convention requires some commitment of your time, and we are looking for individuals who are serious about volunteering for this event and educating yourself about this industry.

If you are interested in becoming an Organa Kannalytic’s  volunteer, please review the "What Volunteering at Organa Kannalytics Entails?" section below. Once you decide where you would like to volunteer, complete the registration page and check that particular area on your application. If the area you want is full, you will be notified and asked if you would like to volunteer in another area.

For more information, see the Volunteer FAQ section below.

Again, thank you for your interest in volunteering at Organa Kannalytic’s Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention, and we appreciate your effort to help us make this convention a success.


Time left until  2nd Annual Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

2nd Annual Southeastern

Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention

Bringing legitimacy to the Hemp & Medical Cannabis Industry through Science & Education.

Live &Virtual

May 13th & 14th, 2022

What Does Volunteering at Organa Kannalytic’s 2nd Annual Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention Entail?

Organa Kannalytics volunteers receive complimentary entry into the convention on the day that you volunteer. This means you will be able to walk the vendor floor and attend workshops and breakout sessions, if and only if, these sessions are not full, and you are not actively volunteering.

As a volunteer, you'll be expected to put in a certain number of hours during the convention. These hours will be assigned by a Team Lead, and will be assigned in six-hour shifts. You can also request certain times to volunteer. Your Team Lead will make every effort to grant your requested schedule, but it cannot be guaranteed.  Your Team Lead will provide you with a time sheet or area log sheet so your hours can be recorded.  This time sheet will need to be turned in to the Volunteer Registration desk at the end of your shift. If you forget to turn in your time sheet, please make every effort to bring it back to the Volunteer Registration desk.  We must have these sheets to verify your hours to receive your gift and pass for after party entrance.

Volunteer Guidelines & Application


We will need volunteers for the following areas:

  • Speakers
  • Vendors
  • Registration (please list computer experience on application)
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Tech Services (please list technical experience on application)
  • Runners
  • Lost and Found
  • Setup
  • Breakdown
  • Information desk


6:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

12:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Volunteers are asked to wear comfortable black shoes, all black slacks and the Organa Kannalytics Volunteer T-shirt.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages or using controlled substances while volunteering for Organa Kannalytics is strictly prohibited. If you are discovered to be intoxicated while on duty or show up to volunteer while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance, you will be removed from our volunteer list and escorted off the premises

Try to be the best version of yourself while volunteering for this Convention. Familiarize yourself with as much of the Convention as possible even if you are not working in that area. People will see that you are a Volunteer and ask for help. If you don't know the answer to a question say "I'll find out" or direct them to the Registration/Information Desk.

Please be on time for your shift........which really means be five minutes early. This allows time for pertinent information to be disseminated, and it's just common courtesy.

Please be sure to eat before your shift begins and get enough rest as you may be on your feet during your volunteer hours.

Last but certainly not least, enjoy and educate yourself; you are volunteering for a reason. Don't forget why you wanted to do this in the first place.


Frequently check your email and registration message board for new information.


Click HERE to sign up to be a volunteer Waiver link for application


Is there a minimum age requirement to be a volunteer?

Volunteers must be 21 years of age (no exceptions) . Persons under the age of 21 will not be eligible to volunteer.

Where do I pick up my Volunteer T-shirt?

At the Volunteer Registration Booth. Volunteer t-shirts will not available until after 2:00 PM on the Thursday prior to the convention. The Volunteer Registration desk will be located next to the main registration desk.

What is a timesheet/logsheet and what do I do with it?

The logsheet or timesheet is a piece of paper in that you will be required to use to log the hours you have completed. You will turn it to your Team Lead or at the Volunteer Registration booth at the end of your last shift.

What about crash space/hotel rooms?

The Convention does not provide crash space/hotel rooms for volunteers.

Where do I park?

Park in the convention center's parking deck. If by chance you have to pay for parking bring your ticket to be validated to the registration counter.