2nd Annual

Southeastern​ Hemp &


Medical Cannabis


October 16-October 17, 2020 |Cobb Galleria

General Information


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Organa Kannalytic’s  2nd Annual Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention! Volunteering at this convention requires some commitment of your time, and we are looking for individuals who are serious about volunteering for this event and educating yourself about this industry.

If you are interested in becoming an Organa Kannalytic’s  volunteer, please review the "What Volunteering at Organa Kannalytics Entails?" section below. Once you decide where you would like to volunteer, complete the registration page and check that particular area on your application. If the area you want is full, you will be notified and asked if you would like to volunteer in another area.

For more information, see the Volunteer FAQ section below.

Again, thank you for your interest in volunteering at Organa Kannalytic’s Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention, and we appreciate your effort to help us make this convention a success.



What Does Volunteering at Organa Kannalytic’s 2nd Annual Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention Entail?

Organa Kannalytics volunteers receive complimentary entry into the convention on the day that you volunteer. This means you will be able to walk the vendor floor and attend workshops and breakout sessions, if and only if, these sessions are not full, and you are not actively volunteering.

As a volunteer, you'll be expected to put in a certain number of hours during the convention. These hours will be assigned by a Team Lead, and will be assigned in six-hour shifts. You can also request certain times to volunteer. Your Team Lead will make every effort to grant your requested schedule, but it cannot be guaranteed.  Your Team Lead will provide you with a time sheet or area log sheet so your hours can be recorded.  This time sheet will need to be turned in to the Volunteer Registration desk at the end of your shift. If you forget to turn in your time sheet, please make every effort to bring it back to the Volunteer Registration desk.  We must have these sheets to verify your hours to receive your gift and pass for after party entrance.

In some instances, it may be possible to volunteer prior to the convention.  These areas will be noted on the application.  Your volunteer performance will be evaluated by your Team Lead at the end of the convention and this will determine whether or not you will be eligible to volunteer for future conventions.

PLEASE NOTE: Organa Kannalytics does NOT share your information with ANY other organization. Items listed with a star is required information.  As a volunteer, we ask that you complete these items to the best of your ability.  Please also remember that e-mail is not a secure form of communication. If you are uncomfortable sending your mailing address and date of birth in e-mail, we can collect that information in person if you are selected to volunteer.

Volunteers who are favorably evaluated at the end of the convention:

  • Are automatically eligible to attend the post-convention "Party" the evening after the convention closes

  • Will receive a Satisfactory Performance Notification via email.

  • A gift for your volunteer service.

Volunteers will be asked to adhere to the following policies of the Convention as well as conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with public event protocols at all times while at the Convention and act in accordance with the laws of Cobb County and the State of Georgia.  Volunteers, and all event attendees must follow all applicableCobb County security procedures.



Please click on PDF link  to download for the application process. 


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